A “secret ingredient” from Korea
to make your favorite recipes more delicious

Jang paste

70 years of soybean fermentation expertise

Sempio has been making high quality fermented soybean products for over 70 years, since 1946. Through our accumulated know-how and technology, we have mastered the art of soybean fermentation, producing products with an incomparably deep & rich flavor.

Authentic Korean Jang paste, inherited from the traditions of old

To discover the secrets of delicious Korean Jang, we have mapped out the entire country in search of the ultimate flavors Korean Jang has to offer. We then used our discoveries to develop the best, real Korean Jang available using traditional secrets such as traditional grinding techniques and soybean fermentation methods.

Premium jang paste – made clean and pure

Everything used in the production process of our Jang pastes is strictly regulated, from the water to the raw ingredients. Our production facilities hold to the strictest sanitary regulations ensuring that everything stays clean and fresh.