Healthy Eating Created Deliciously with Yondu!

Vegetable Essence Yondu

We believe eating healthy can be simple and delicious.

Yondu is an entirely new approach to help you embrace a healthier lifestyle: it is your simple and delicious guide to healthy home cooking, making it easier to eat more wholesome plant-based dishes. We call this creative innovation, “The Yondu Effect.” We are excited to share Yondu recipes to hopefully inspire you to try out new ways of cooking.
Healthy Eating Created Deliciously with Yondu!

Like a secret ingredient, Yondu unlocks natural flavors in bitter, bland or boring foods, eliminating the need for added salts and sweeteners.

The result is naturally enriched and mellowed flavors in plant-based dishes. Use Yondu vegetable essence in vegetable-forward cooking when you want slow-simmer flavor with just one splash or to experience a palate-pleasing missing piece.


Vegetable essence subtly enhancing existing flavors.