Sempio was at Anuga 2017, the premier international food fair

News 2017.12.12


From October 7-11, 2017, Sempio’s Korean sauce-based products were presented to attendees of Anuga 2017, the largest international food exhibition held in Cologne, Germany. The biannual event is regarded as one of the leading food and beverage fairs with over 7,000 exhibitors and 165,000 visitors from around the world.

Since 2007, Sempio has been an Anuga participant, actively promoting Korean culinary culture with its product line of Korean fermented foods. The single booth Sempio used to promote Korean fermented products is now an entire Pavilion full of Korea’s best food products. Today, Sempio continues to delight Anuga visitors with its excellent line of soy sauces, hot pepper pastes and Yondu products, which are all created through the fermentation process.

Sempio’s ‘Gochujang’ or hot pepper paste has been especially popular, gaining a reputation as a spicy sauce with superior depth and flavor compared to traditional hot sauces. At this year’s Anuga, Sempio introduced an internationally tailored ‘Guchujang’ product alongside its traditional offerings. Formulated specifically for the international palette, the new ‘Gochujang’ was received well by participants.

Sempio's culinary essence, Yondu, was also warmly received by Anuga’s visitors. Made from 100% pure soybeans, the fermented ingredient adds great depth and flavor to all your dishes.

Last but not least, Sempio Soy Sauces, a staple of Korean food culture, continues to have a strong following overseas, gaining fans wherever it goes.

Sempio’s is excited to continue its promotion of Korean culinary culture to the world with its high-quality fermented products; Gochujang, Yondu and of course Sempio Soy Sauce.