Sempio receives ‘Longevity Award’ from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

News 2017.12.12


Sempio is the top recipient of this years ‘Longevity Award’ for medium-sized enterprises from the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korean Medium-Sized Enterprise Association.

Presented on May 5, 2017, the ‘Longevity Award’ for medium-sized enterprises was awarded to Sempio to celebrate its contribution as a medium-sized enterprise and continued cultivation industry best practices.

Since, 1946, Sempio has been working to deliver the best Korean sauces and fermented products to the global market. Also, contributing to Sempio’s success is its leadership in responsible labor management with zero labor conflicts in its tenured history.

The ‘Sempio’ brand is the oldest registered trademark in Korea. For over 70 years, Sempio has maintained its position as the premier soy sauce brand on the market. Today, with over 200 products Sempio continues to be a leader in the industry.

Sempio was selected ‘World Class 300’ in 2013, a first in the Korean food industry. The award recognizes Sempio’s world class stewardship in labor management. In conjunction, Sempio received the grand prize in Labor Management Cooperation (2013) and was certified as a Family Friendly Enterprise (2014).

Sempio’s focus on traditional Korean sauces is a part of its DNA. Sempio was the first Korean company to reintroduce Jang to the marketplace with Chosun Ganjang. Now, Sempio’s Yondu not only captures traditional Korean flavors, but also enhances them. With your support, Sempio will continue to advance Korea’s culinary culture for all to enjoy.