“Ilpyeondansim,” Sempio’s new oil brand that departs from conventions

News 2017.04.20
  • Sempio launches seven premium traditional oils that are rich in flavor and fragrance.
  • Double containers, which effectively prevent oxidation, are introduced for the first time in Korea.



“Sempio Ilpyeondansim Traditional Oil” refers to Sempio’s brand of flavorful and fragrant sesame oil and perilla oil. The traditional oil products are made by the “flavor of excellence" method, which brings out the best flavors in oil, allowing the consumer to enjoy the deep inherent flavors and scents of sesame and perilla seeds. The seeds are carefully toasted at a low temperature to exude the nutty flavor and rich fragrance without a burn or bitter taste. The oils are also light-colored and limpid, thanks to a three-step filtering system.



To cater to varying needs of consumers, Sempio launched sesame oil in the following three types: Organic Perilla Oil, Whole Perilla Seed Oil, and Raw Perilla Oil. Sempio also launched perilla oil in the following four types: Korean Sesame Oil, Organic Sesame Oil, Whole Sesame Seed Oil, and Korean Perilla Oil.


Most notably, the products come in a double container to effectively block oxygen and rancidification of the oil, keeping the quality taste and scent of the oil to the last droplet. The container is made of light, shatter-free materials which do not emit endocrine-disruptors. The lid allows the user to adeptly adjust the amount of oil so that the bottle does not squirt out oil in everyday use.