Sempio launches cupbap to make a foray into the HMR market

News 2017.04.20
  • New rollouts include four types of soup cupbap and one type of bibimbap cupbap.
  • Products are made entirely from Korean rice and carefully selected ingredients.



Sempio made a foray in the home meal replacement (HMR) market by launching five types of cupbap (a plastic bowl of steamed rice topped with assorted ingredients), that enables consumers to have a quick and easy meal with enhanced quality and flavor.

The new rollouts include the following four types of rice with soup: Beef Bone Soup with Rice, Seaweed Soup & Rice, Dried Pollack Soup with Rice, and Jjamppong with Rice; and one type of bibimbap, Thistle Bibimbap.

Sempio’s Cupbap : Fill your Stomach is made of Korean rice and carefully selected ingredients. They are ready to eat once boiled in water or put in a microwave for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. They're perfect for small families, students, or workers. As it is light and easy to carry, cupbap is perfect for any outdoor activities, such as fishing, camping, or mountain trekking.