Sunjak strengthens presence in the tea & beverage market

News 2017.04.20
  • Launched in bottled containers to enhance portability and convenience.
  • No additives or concentrates, containing solely the tea brewed from roasted slices.
  • Sempio’s tea brand, Sunjak launched two new products to strengthen its presence in the tea & beverage market. The products are “Lotus Root & Burdock Tea for Women” and “Chinese Bushclover & Korean Raisin Tea for Men”



The two rollouts, the first bottled tea made by Sunjak, are more convenient than their predecessors, Korean Raisin & Chinese Bushclover Tea and Sunjak Lotus Root & Burdock Tea that came in both roasted slices and tea bags. Containing no additives or concentrates, the tea consists entirely of liquid brewed from roasted slices, so that consumers can feel the inherent deep flavor and scent of the raw ingredients.

Sempio carefully blended mutually complementing flavors of lotus roots, burdocks, Chinese bushclovers, and Korean raisins. The packaging is intended to deliver the same oriental sensibilities as the tea. 

Chinese Bushclover & Korean Raisin Tea for Men, as the name implies, contains Chinese bushclover, known to be conducive to  liver and kidney health, and Korean raisins, which are effective for curing hangovers and fatigue. 

Chinese bushclover has been considered a great energy booster thanks to its revitalizing effects.